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It just so happens as The People has a 2001 Hayabusa so I'll be happy to give you my thoughts on the bike.

1. Nothing faster stock. Period. The `busa isn't just a bit faster than your old 954, it'll stomp it into the dirt.

2. Easy to go fast on. Long wheelbase base means you can launch the beast HARD from a stop without it wheeling too bad.

3. Handles "better" with a 180 on the rear as opposed to the stock 190, but it'll never out handle your old 954 in the twisties.

4. Mrs. The People likes the rear passenger area, she's 5'9" and has no complaints for hour long rides. She does like the FJR1300 better for the long haul.

5. It is stone reliable so far, but I've only put 6500 miles on it.

6. The clutch is odd. It's got this lock out thing that makes it chatter if your not smooth from the start. There are a few aftermarket fixes for this that I highly recommend (only if you're going to do drag strip launches, on the street the stocker is fine). The transmission is nice but you must make the shift into sixth deliberate or it can hit a false neutral.

7. It eats rear tires. Stock Bridgestone was gone at 4000 miles.

8. You will need to put a Zero Gravity Double Bubble shield on it if you want to see the gauges while you ride. Stock shield is only good at full tuck.

9. TONS of aftermarket stuff for this bike.

10. Insurance will kill you if you are a squid/young/inexperienced/stupid rider. Mine for mega-super-full coverage in SoCal is $600/yr.

There are better sport tourers and there are better sport bikes than the `busa. The `busa is big and comfortable and stupid fast.

-The People

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