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I have the '02 ZX12R, bought as a GT, and kitted with Helibars, Throttlemeister, Ventura rack / bag system and Laminar Lip (OK but going to try the NWS double bubble next).

As a two-up machine, I think the passenger seat is rather sparse, and I would look at the Blackbird if it is a prime criteria (or go with an aftermarket saddle).

However my wife loves it for shorter trips, and would rather be on this bike than my Concours (with Russell saddle and large screen) or my previous R11GS, as it is just so smooth and solid handling. She would rather have the excitement than the comfort....

I bought it as the legroom was better than the Hayabusa or Blackbird (6'2", 32" inseam), it has great brakes, suspension and handling for a GT, and 'sufficient' power.

I think the saddle is one of the better stock seats I have ever sat on, and everything just works so well. Although the screen is a little low, lower body protection is excellent.

If you are looking for a two-up GT, I would also consider the ZZR1200, probably a more practical alternative to the ZX, with available hard bags, better mileage and tank range, about as much stomp at real world speeds, better ergos and protection than any of the other bikes mentioned.
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