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Loophole Lets Carmichael Out

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since he's not riding a honda....Good...
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Figures. Blame it on the chemist. They have two protocols which don't yield the same results huh? So which one is correct? Morons. The whole thing is stupid. The limit of 0.005 g/L is so far below what would affect the octane rating of the fuel that they can't measure it accurately. It wouldn't matter if it was 0.005g/L or 0.05g/L it's still too low to affect fuel quality. But they blame it on the method, which probably can't distinguish 0.01 from 0.005. I bet the result was 0.006 and they got all in a snit about them cheating.

Anyway who the hell uses TEL anymore. It probably costs a fortune and has to be smuggled in from Venezuela.
the world is one big asylum. AMA needs its own little middle eastern country maybe between israel and palestinians. Yo where are palestinians anyway? Palestine? Syria?
Two different standards of testing is what I have seen. If the AMA and FIM can't agree on testing then flaws or mistakes will happen. They fined Suzuki $20K and gave RC back the point. That's good judgement. I wrote two days ago that AMA should let the points stand because they took points from Yam and Kaw the last two seasons. Well, maybe the AMA is just trying not to look like a buch of chumps now. They really need to scrap the system and try again. Out.
He probably siphoned it from an AMA truck.
I'd guess that even though riders of RC'c caliberare all superb and hence quite evenly matched the only fuel tampering that would really make much of a diference would be adding water to your competitors gas. leave the anal rules to nascar. hell, most race gas is leaded anyhow, I could see a complaint if a rider was sneaking a little nitrous or a 16:1 engine running on nitromethane, but a touch of lead? my guess is that Ricks team did not even know it (or they made a bad gamble that the would not be tested)
There's no reason to restrict the fuel to any standard more stringent than pump gas. The big motocross bikes have more power than traction anyway. I think the AMA has just found a loophole to get themselves out of the hole they dug with a silly rule.

But what they really need to do is reform the penalties AND the points structure. First, the penalty should be a certain number of finishing places, say three or four. A fine is no deterent to a factory team. And who cares if the guy finishing 15th used hot fuel.

Second, the points differential is way to small between 1st and 2nd and 3rd. Just falling down or getting hit or having a chain break will essentially eliminate a rider who can otherwise win every race. I think the points should be more like Formula One used to be, 10 6 4 3 2 1. So you could make up for a DNF in three races.

This sounds like a cop-out by the AMA to please RC fans. I don't like the rule either, and apparently it's only enforced if you don't have a #4 on your bike.
Ye Gods! I certainly agree Ricky should be given his points back. They never should have been taken away in the first place. And why, in heaven's name, would they fine Suzuki? Sounds like a feeble and unfair attempt to save face. Somebody has to pay and the AMA is never wrong, right?? It is inconceivable that the AMA and FIM would adapt the same rules and have different testing protocols. How did THAT ever get through committee? This should have been cleared up long before the season started. Having race gas rules that are more stringent than pump gas is even more inane, but inane and incompetent are actions we've come to expect from the AMA. They have been racing how many gazillion years and still can't get it right ?Doesn't matter whether the race is on dirt or asphalt, it is still a never ending battle with the AMA. Doggone shame too. It ruins it for both the participants and spectators. Then again, this is in the same country where President Bush guaranteed us we'd be ready for Katrina. Where are all the honest people hiding?
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Of course he got his points back!

Of course Ricky gots his points back! He's the AMA's Golden Boy! Never mind a couple of other riders were penalized for the same thing the last couple of years and DIDN'T get their points back even when they appealed. With this ruling and the allowing of the Buell in the FX class, this goes to shows that "rule are rules" doesn't apply to everyone in the AMA.......what a farce the AMA has become....
Jordan. It's 70% "Palestinian". They already have a country.
They should do to you what they did to KPaul, it is a good thing no national publication pays you to spew your nonsense anymore!
Careful! You'll get banned for proclivities like that. Burnsie is revered like Lady Di around here!
Re: Of course he got his points back!

No,No,NO you don't understand..... the rules are what the ruling body says they are on any given day. It's up to you to polish your own crystal ball, make sure you have schmoozed the right people and kept the negatives from the last post race party.
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