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Ye Gods! I certainly agree Ricky should be given his points back. They never should have been taken away in the first place. And why, in heaven's name, would they fine Suzuki? Sounds like a feeble and unfair attempt to save face. Somebody has to pay and the AMA is never wrong, right?? It is inconceivable that the AMA and FIM would adapt the same rules and have different testing protocols. How did THAT ever get through committee? This should have been cleared up long before the season started. Having race gas rules that are more stringent than pump gas is even more inane, but inane and incompetent are actions we've come to expect from the AMA. They have been racing how many gazillion years and still can't get it right ?Doesn't matter whether the race is on dirt or asphalt, it is still a never ending battle with the AMA. Doggone shame too. It ruins it for both the participants and spectators. Then again, this is in the same country where President Bush guaranteed us we'd be ready for Katrina. Where are all the honest people hiding?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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