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Lopez Sucks Donkey ****

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Here it is, read it and weep. The most outrageous and irrational anti-motorcycle "law" that's come down the pike for many years. If you recall, this is the a-hole who initially wanted to sieze your bike and throw you in jail for speeding. The Legislature toned it down slightly so it wasn't so brazenly discriminatory. This weekend Lopez went out on patrol to enjoy the results of his asinine escalation of the cops vs. rider war. How's this little gem grab you: "If the plate is mounted improperly, officers can fine the rider $1,000."
$1,000 fine for speeding 50 mph over limit takes effect in Florida -- South Florida

Thanks to the AMA for at least trying to tone this ******* down. AMA and ABATE both fought this. If you aren't a member of AMA, join. They aren't perfect, but they are our advocates.
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The comments section is real cute. Really highlights why Flordia is such a train wreck.
It isn't easy, is it? Especially since you can't pack up the old Conestoga wagon and get the hell out of town's just another town with the next set of concessions to be made down the road.

Space! Motorcyles in space! That's the answer!
I just plan on purchasing my own island.
Our sport is under assault as never before. all at the hands of those who would "save" us.
And this will continue to happen until everyone stops voting for the two main parties. Anyone that thinks any of this will change while you still vote Democrat or Republican is delusional.

I've had this same argument with gun owners. They will beat the drum of "A Democrat will take away your guns!" But, it is apparent that gun rights have been diminished during Democrat administrations and Republican administrations.

So, when people tell me I throw away my vote for voting for Libertarian I find it ignorant and insulting when the vast majority continue to vote for the same people that take and steal from you.

So, good luck to all of you who think Obama is a Muslim or that he will raise taxes. And good luck to those that think Palin is stupid or that McCain is crazy and old. Bottom line is if you hope for different results from your government you are wasting your vote when you vote for either main party.
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