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Lopez Sucks Donkey ****

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Here it is, read it and weep. The most outrageous and irrational anti-motorcycle "law" that's come down the pike for many years. If you recall, this is the a-hole who initially wanted to sieze your bike and throw you in jail for speeding. The Legislature toned it down slightly so it wasn't so brazenly discriminatory. This weekend Lopez went out on patrol to enjoy the results of his asinine escalation of the cops vs. rider war. How's this little gem grab you: "If the plate is mounted improperly, officers can fine the rider $1,000."
$1,000 fine for speeding 50 mph over limit takes effect in Florida -- South Florida

Thanks to the AMA for at least trying to tone this ******* down. AMA and ABATE both fought this. If you aren't a member of AMA, join. They aren't perfect, but they are our advocates.
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Yes, welcome to revenue enhancement, the Viagra of local govt. pork.

Like a $900.00 wheelie ticket (my last one btw) and 3 points on the old drivers license, local pork sniffers are legislating street bikes out of existance. Some poor bastard down on the next block was doing wheelies on his old XR600 and they called three cops cars, and the helicopter to come and impound his bike, and haul him away for "reckless endangerment" or some such new pork law they have around here now.

Can't wait to get the Go Devil running, maybe they'll write a new law "Flagrant paraplegic misuse of an unlicenced motor vehicle" or something. Fie and Pox.
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