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Lots more RUB's on the way

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Yeah for Capitalism comrade
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Assless chaps and fringed arm chaps for everyone! One free SneakyLeaker with each purchase!
Supposedly they're bringing out a new model to recognize the momentous occasion:

The Com-Rod!

Thanks, thanks very much!

Make sure you tip your waiters!

I'm not all here all week!
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Don't laugh too hard. The Japanese opened their bike outlets in Russia and no one thought it was a big deal. But HD opens one and people line the streets to see them. Heh heh. USA #1. Heh heh. This will really frost a lot of America haters.

Even the Russians know japcrap when they see it. Hee hee.
But they've been selling Urals over here for years........

Everybody can give their West Coast Chopper shirts and Von Dutch hats to Goodwill now, the latest must have fashion accessorie?

Harley Davidson of Moscow tee-shirts written in Cryllic.

(You read it here first)

Guess I can retire my "Support First Strike" Reagan era T shirt now, we really did win.
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I believe they have one the Ural damn now that was a first strike. I want to become the exclusive importer of oil dry to the USSR I'll be rich hahaha!
Next thing you know they'll be drinking MGD and driving pick-ups.
I heard Polaris was planning on selling their bikes in Russia also, starting with the all new Victory Hammer & Sickle
Yamaha is thinking about offering the Road Czar!
Honda's gonna bring out the Gulag Wing.
They didn't have a bear riding a motorcycle in that parade?

So the MAD doctrine was right after all. They fired first with Urals and we fired back with Harleys.

We should have been chanting..."make bikes, not war"!
Only a rich country can afford throw-away bikes.
This great news. Heck the way the dollar is sliding, because of our irresponsible fiscal and trade policy, Harley's will be cheap for the Russians. Heck the Chinese can now afford to buy UniCal....Ivan should be able to afford a Fat Boy..
...IBM, Maytag...

George Bush - "U.S. for sale. Get it while it's hot...U.S. for sale!"
Forgot the new marketing name is the SneakskiALeakski® in Russia. Don't accept imitations!
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