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Loud Pipe Perspective

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Perhaps NY should just legalize lanesplitting and then there'll be no problem. Might just ease that traffic congestion a little as well.

Oh, and First Post!!
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I agree with the authors disgust of loud pipes and lane splitting. Loud pipes are a manifestation of one who has nothing between his ears and doesn't care if he advertises it.

Lane splitting is a selfish, stupid action saying this; "Look, I can squeze in between two cars and go on my way BUT YOU CAR DRIVERS DON"T DARE SQUEZE INTO MY LANE WHEN I'M AT A TRAFFIC LIGHT OR RIDING ON THE RIGHT SIDE FOR SAFETY REASONS".

Get it???? These "cycle drivers" want their lane to themselves when motoring along but do not want that truck or car behind to pass WITHOUT LEAVING THE LANE.

Legalized lane splitting is a bad law.
1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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