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Love for Laguna

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Slow Day?

I can't believe this got posted. I just can't. What's next, a travel guide to Japan?
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Re: Slow Day?

Travel Guide to Japan:

Watch out for a big lizzard who answers to the name Godzilla.
Re: Slow Day?

really? I keep on getting tagged by this moth thing...

Perhaps MO could have an editorial section for such ramblings. I, of course would read it, as these kind opinions and historical tidbits are interesting to me. I would love to hear minime opine on the demise of the USGP, and read about his childhood image of motorcycles. A quote from a book one and a half centuries old is not exactly news, however.
Less Love for MO

Guys(and Danielle),

I've been pursuaded that this pay to play idea is good for the site, but come on. The Ducati intro and the Slight thing were good, bike related material. A little behind the AMA Superbike site(understandable, since it is their news), and the Cycle News Online site. Not to poo-poo Minime, but this is just a real poor attempt to fill space. I think we all understand that the winter in the northern hemisphere is a slow time for motorcycling, and with that knowledge in mind, would accept less content as opposed to frivolous content. Just my 2 cents.
That's pretty funny. And I do love this site. But stuff like this is exactly the reason that I said I wouldn't pay for it. I understand that generating meaningful content on a daily basis is hard, but this is bad. Tell us about your last ride, your first cycling memories, your worst wreck, anything. Anything but meaningless rambling that doesn't even relate to bikes. This isn't helping me talk myself into buying MO. If I paid for this I'd be very, very disappointed.
Re: Less Love for MO

What spurred the post, as off-topic as it was, is that when I popped open a new shell on this Linux box, that quote greeted me. Still jet-lagged and dazed (and confused) from getting back to Los Angeles last night at 1 AM from Spain (site of the Yamaha FZ-1 intro) and 20-plus hours of traveling, the old (young) brain is rather flatulent today.

Your point is taken, though. I guess I just expected people to read it and get a chuckle out of it for what it was (-fighting and a good fandango always make me smile) and move on just as quickly.

Whoever says it never rains in Southern California should be dragged out of his bed at 6am, all warm and toasty like, and shoved into the middle of my street. There, he would see that, indeed, it does rain in Southern Calfornia and that, alas, Southern California is extremely ill-equipped to handle the rain.

Theres a common misconception in L.A.; that we suck as drivers. Well, how else can you drive when you've got angst ridden, pre-pubescent teen boyz driving slammed import cars on one side, and angst ridden, pre-menopause soccer momz driving raised SUV's on the other?

Anyway, I'm only complaining because I really, really, really want to ride. I really do. But I can't because riding in the rain, especially when L.A. freeways are so bad at draining water (locals will remember the 105 fiasco), is just plain not worth the risk.

Oh well, it looks like this weekend should be better weather.... and I hear Managing Editor Brent "Minime" Avis is wearing a funny hat. Is that news worthy? No? How's about Storm Watch 2001?
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Rain in the desert

Believe me, I feel your pain. I live in Las Vegas, and whenever it rains here, whatever driving skills people had go out the window. You'd think it snowed. Add a bunch of soccer moms and hard, hard boys in their bad, bad cars... I can feel my insurance agent start to panic from here. And here I am at work with an R1 (I know, I know; I'm bimota) on Dunlop race tires. Granted, you can ride in the rain, but you can't Ride in the rain.

Take heart, I'm sure it'll dry up pretty soon.
Nice passage

So it wasn't a story about 150hp death rockets and smokey burnouts. So what! And a travel guide to Japan would be damn interesting. Keep up the good (and varied) work, MO.

Re: Rain in the desert

If it doesn't dry up soon, I think I'll sue....

What kinda crap is this? You jokers actually want people to pay for filler like this?
I actually had the opportunity to go to Laguna Seca Raceway and work a demo in 1999. My wife and I fell in love with the scenery, food, excellent wine, and the romantic atmosphere of Monterey. We are going back every year, and by the way, the race was fun to watch too.

It is nice to see a little commentary on the places we go to enjoy motorcycling events, and not just the nuts, bolts, and performance numbers all of the time.
Re: Less Love for MO

Which I did.

btw: What is a Fandango?

and does the FZ-1 rock?
I went to Richard Dana Henry Jr. High. It was a cool school back in the

60's! Back then I rode a Kawi TR120. Ah, the good old days when you didn't

have computers and just went riding for amusement.
Re: Love for Laguna (in Salinas?)

Um, isn't Laguna Seca in Salinas?

I gotta admit that the track action that takes place there certainly counts for "amusements and knavery!"
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