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Love Ride 25 and California Bike Week

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Love Ride 25 and California Bike Week

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Since I lived in Glendale for most of my life, Glendale HD was a fixture in the small tight-knit community it once was. Like Rich's Fiat and Tom Ray Pontiac, long gone dealerships that didn't make it, Glendale HD has hung on through good times and bad. My last Love Ride was in '06, when my buddies and I eschewed the festivities at Castaic to ride the Templin Highway to its end at the old Grapevine route. It was a beautiful sunny day with good riding and good friends. The Buell had a new top end, and was running like a top. Too bad they moved it to the Fairplex, makes it a little less appealing in my eyes.

Though Castaic is arguably more pleasant, the Fairplex wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just like the Fonz mentioned in his quip. Bottomline: well, it's down to the bottomline. Fairplex offers far more room, thus more vendors, thus more $$. You can extrapolate from there...
I especially liked the photo of Buzglyd's leg ink on page 5 of the photos.
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