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It's hard to learn this stuff by reading a forum - but that's why you're taking the MSF course. Anyway, a couple things to remember: Always look through the turn, to where you want to end up. Do not look at the thing you're trying to avoid (cone, curb, car, etc.) If you need to turn tighter, push the bar harder and keep looking through the turn. Do not chop the throttle mid corner; try and keep a steady amount of throttle through the course of the turn. If you get in trouble and feel like you're going to fall into the turn, just open up the throttle a very small amount and keep looking where you want to go.

The main thing is practice, and keep up with training - one MSF course is a good start, but the more, different classes you take the better.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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