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MA Lawmakers Consider Change to Helmet Law.

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...and just in case anyone cares what i think, it seems to me that removing helmet laws is a bad idea. i'm all about freedom- i do believe that if you want to ride without a helmet, you should be able to- but there's no denying that fatalities go up without helmet laws, and that's bad for our image as motorcyclists. every single one of us. i've heard all the arguments from both sides, and in a perfect world we could all do whatever the hell we wanted, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint we motorcyclists have to be very image-conscious right now. society still views motorcycling as a pointlessly risky pursuit, and that's why idiots like janklow get off easy. until we can convince people that those who ride motorcycles deserve the same respect as those riding cars, we're going to continue to get screwed by the legal system. we're not there yet.
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It's got nothing to do with image. Idiots like Janklow get off for the same reason people like OJ, Michael and Blake get off, Do, Re Mi.....
you think IMAGE has nothing to do with why CELEBRITIES get away with things?
I like the proposed amendment that would stiffen penalties to auto drivers who cause an accident to a motorcyclist. If that rider is attached it will fail for sure.
I live in Boston.

MA just passed stricter seatbelt laws last week.

You will never see an anti-helmet law in this commie state with ever more laws are created every day.
Do not see the "We know what’s best for you" state passing this law.

Not sure where it stands but Mass is also looking to allow Motorcycles to operate in the breakdown lane at speeds of 10 miles per hour if traffic is at a stand still.


the usual missinformation and B.S. from "sarge" and Mr. Cote

My basic argument with this (re-current) issue is why do you want to prevent someone from failing to protect a brain that's too stupid to want to protect itself?

I think helmets and seatbelts should be optional, that way Darwinian theory proves itself by allowing the lesser intellegent to remove themselves from the gene pool, thus ensuring those with higher level of intellegence and superior survival instincts will prosper.
In 1983 I completely destroyed a helmet after wading up my kz750 in a corner on Rt 112 in New Hampshire. I was awakened during the ambulance ride to the sensation of the EMT trying to get the thing the rest of the way off. Without it, I doubt I would writing this. Other than a really sore back, I was 100% with in two weeks.

I was traveling several miles faster(say 40 or so) than the 14 MPH mentioned as the design limit in this news story.

I have never since then put butt to seat without first strapping my lid in place. Prior to that I often world ride without it.

But hey, to each their own. If ya want to ride san skid lid, go for it.

Perhaps some extra/special insurance is the answer to all of the arguments over this issue.

So long as it doesn't cost me anything I'm all for this freedom. Mostly I'm sick and tired of trying to convince the hopelessly stupid that helmets are truly a good idea.

Hey, if your widow is hot, I'll fix her up with one of my Bros.
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I think they should just ban motorcyles altogether. Why just take a bite when you can have the whole apple? If safety is really the goal, then just ban em. There is no reason to have them on the roads anyway. Motorcycles are dangerous, and will never be as safe as cars no matter what you put on. After all, it will save us a couple bucks, right? I'm sure everyone is with me on this one. We can all write the legislature there and get this thing rolling. Everyone ready?

Wouldn't superior intelligence and superior survival instinct put you in a 5 star crash rated SUV?
As a retired paramedic, I encourage everyone to ride without head and protective body clothing. The perferred 3-season outfit where comfort should be the only criteria is teeshirt/shorts/sandles or Converse. OK, a windbreaker and jeans if it's a bit chilly. No one really rides in the Winter so who cares. No, actually I do recall the one guy who went down one Winter. We had to cut away thousands of dollars of Arai, Roadcrafter, and Kanetsu to do his vitals. He proved to be fine, but very angry, as I recall. But, we emergency medical folks need to maximize our per run quota and overtime. Regarding the Mass. legislation - right!, another test and stamp-off conducted by a career bureaucrat who's selection was as "closest-qualified" since he has a Schwinn, and, of course, the $50K insurance coverage, so our lobbiest friends and their incumbents PACs are sure to get their cut. So, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". However, among others, the solution may be a Constitutional amendment severly limiting the # of bills a legislator can sponsor, under pain of both financial penalty and incarceration. We may want to thow torture in on this, as well. After all, they should qualify as enemy combatants, shouldn't they? This may curtail their profligate spending and manipulative social agendas and this way we can diminish the lobbiest / legislator buddy system mentality that serves only their parochial interests and diminishes our quality of life. So, in closing, remember - don't wear a lid if you can possibly avoid it. Their heavy, hot, impair your vision and cost you money you could have spend on chrome. Yeah, you're using the - "why do pros wear this stuff?" argument. Simple, they get paid to. It has nothing to do with safety - it's all about marketing. I would agree with Jagger though, "if you're out at night on your bike - wear white!". That's my only concession even though I consider raising one's visibility somewhat ostentatious.
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Take care LR, your making sense here! Put in simplest terms this is very logical. If it happens my only hope would be to strap a "Farm Use Only" sign to my bikes and keep right on riding.

As with most things, there are factions out there who would like nothing more than to see your idea become reality.

Which makes me wonder, is there anywhere in the world that has taken this step?

Helmets save lives. That is a fact. Repeal of helmet laws cause fatilities to rise. Wear a helmet. DO IT!
It is my firm belief that all discussions regarding helmut use should be banned from this website. As a paying MOron, these discussions should be moved to a free site like:
From the article:

Paul W. Cote, director of government affairs for the state motorcycle association, said ... "Helmets are just a perception of protection. It's like putting a bulletproof vest on a law enforcement officer and asking him to go up against a bazooka,"

Awww phukk... now I'm pissed, I just dropped $500 dollars on a new Shoei X-11

I'm holding off on th enew leathers then, shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops should be just as good

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Might roll over when I have to swerve to avoid one of them foreign cars that stop in less than 350 feet. We can go round about this all night, and you've been riding long enough to know how this schit works.

The only times motorcycles are more dangerous than cars is when some stupid phucker in a cage runs into one. The last time that happened to me I was geared up and aside from feeling like I got my ass kicked I got up and walked away. Personally I'm smart enough to wear a helmet and good gear and that saved my ass, period. Anyone with more brains than god gave a frog can figure that one out.

Guys like this sarge and that Cote guy do nothing but spout off the same old bullschit that's been disproved a thousand times and the same dumb phucks buy it everytime, then when some kid gets his brains scrambled on the 6 o'clock news the rest of the sheep jump up about dangerous motorcycles. That's what leads to repressive legislation.

Give a politician a problem to solve and he's going to do it, just wear the damn things and drop back under the radar
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ah we are getting tired of your pld argument . Just put your Shoe back on and ride.
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