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...and just in case anyone cares what i think, it seems to me that removing helmet laws is a bad idea. i'm all about freedom- i do believe that if you want to ride without a helmet, you should be able to- but there's no denying that fatalities go up without helmet laws, and that's bad for our image as motorcyclists. every single one of us. i've heard all the arguments from both sides, and in a perfect world we could all do whatever the hell we wanted, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint we motorcyclists have to be very image-conscious right now. society still views motorcycling as a pointlessly risky pursuit, and that's why idiots like janklow get off easy. until we can convince people that those who ride motorcycles deserve the same respect as those riding cars, we're going to continue to get screwed by the legal system. we're not there yet.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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