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MA Lawmakers Consider Change to Helmet Law.

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Well said. If folks just wear helmets we won't have to worry about some yahoo (Senator longride) wanting to ban motocycles
No one seems to want to talk about the idea that use of Motorcycle Helmets reduces health insurance costs. Horse squeeze! NOTHING reduces health insurance costs.

If everyone lived to be a hundred, that would jack up the rates because insurance companies faced "longer exposures to long term obligations" or some such nonesense.
Wonderfully disturbing! You've described a economic construct in which the time honored supply and demand axiom is turned on its head. Now with every effort to conserve and reduce the demand, we are rewarded with a price increase.
Now I get it.

He seems to be proposing that the State provide each licenced motorcyclist with a top-line helmet, then shoot us with bazookas.

Seems fair.
Basic economics, actually.

Some commodities are terribly resistent to price change based on a pure supply/demand equilibrium curve.

This is reffered to as "inelasticity." something that responds a LOT to price changes is said to be "elastic." For example, amoung adults, raising the price of a pack of smokes (even exorbitantly) produces almost no change in the demand for cigarettes. Thus, for the adult market, we'd say that demand is "inelastic." But amoung teenagers, who typically have little money, and are thus extremely sensitive to changes in price, we'd say that demand for smokes amoung teenagers is "highly elastic."

Likewise, gasoline, in the short and medium terms, demand is almost completely inelastic, that is: it changes almost not at all when price goes up, because it's necessary.

And yes, health insurance, because it's considered necessary, and in many places, mandated by law, is fairly inelastic in its demand relative to price. They raise prices, we keep buying it. And thus knowing they could do so once, they will continue to raaise price, because health insurance, given the place it occupies in society (called "externalities" in economics) is largely immune to much of pure supply and demand forces.

There are too many other mitigating factors.

Of course, from a realistic legal perspective, the only thing realtively sure to slow the growth in heath insurance cost is tort reform, that is: limiting the amount, in dollars, any one doctor can be sued for any one accident/mistake/phuckup.
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Anyone who rides without a helmet is in the same category as anyone who rides drunk: you DESERVE to get killed.

Also, I don't care what the "Harley Heroes" say; open-face helmets should be banned.
What an awesome website!

Gotta disagree with ya. How could anyone in Washington scramble their brains on the 6 o'clock news when you all have to wear helmets? So you think that the only time motorcycles are dangerous is when cars hit us? I have to disagree with that one too. I think they are dangerous all the time. Maybe that's why I'm still alive while thousands of helmeted ones that thought they ain't dangerous died.
I think anyone that is stupid enough to ride a motorcycle DESERVES to get killed. Hopefully your number is next.
Nobody has yet refuted the validity of my argument, including you. Helmets are like smoking low-tar cigarettes. You already made an unsafe choice, but want to somehow feel better about it.
And then he goes on to say:

" It has nothing to do with a helmet. Most motorcycle fatalities are the result of internal torso injuries."

Really??? Where did he get this piece of info?

This sounds like a completely unsubstantiated claim if I ever heard one.

But don't fret; I'm a lifelong resident of the People's Republic of Massachusetts and this bill has ZERO chance of passing anyway. Trust me.


OT: Is is just me or does anyone else find it difficult to type a response in that tiny little comment box on MO? Why is it so small?
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If most fatalaties are torso injuries, doesn't that mean that deaths due to head injuries are reduced by wearing a helmet? Just asking.
So, dongride, I take it you like riding without a helmet. - That explains your genius wit.
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