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A little background: 2001 Honda Magna V4 750cc water cooled (fan included). Weather on the two days this week it happened (before I parked her until I had tear down time) was around 62 degrees. My commute is approximately 15 minutes of stop and go, and honestly I ride her harder than I probably should in the summer in traffic. During the winter I have to ride like grandma in the rain everyday, so I'm exuberant in the warm days (racing those stop lights).

What's wrong? About 10 minutes into my commute (depends on traffic) the temp light turns on and the bike cuts off (not more than a few seconds after the light comes on). Then all the idiot lights turn off. I quietly roll to a stop, turn off the ignition, turn on ignition and restart. Away I go until a few minutes later. One time the idiot lights didn't turn off, but it wouldn't let me restart until the ignition was turned on/off. The few times it's happened got home and didn't notice way too much heat off the engine during the highly scientific bare hand method.

Noticed anything funny of late? She shifting harder in-between gears like when oil is low. More frequent backfires when downshifting. I've been nagging myself to check the valve clearance cause milage says I'm due for shims. One of the cut outs was immediately after a particularly loud backfire (and a cop two cars ahead). Replaced the cam chain adjuster about one year ago, plugs about 1500 miles ago and oil changes like clockwork. Last oil change was Spectro instead of the usual Amsoil because I had an impromptu long distance trip required by my brain and I wanted fresh oil for the ride.

So what do I think is happening? My working theory is that the thermostat isn't operating properly to start cooling the bike, but since my commute is so short and the temp has been cool the temp isn't building high enough for me to be able to tell externally. Replace the thermostat and smile.

Other options: 1) Water pump instead of thermostat. 2) Oil not getting up to the camshaft area. Shaft is straining creating more friction. 3) The most frustrating of issues, I grab my multimeter and start looking for a short.

Anybody else have a working theory for me to consider?
clean the sump.. might have a clog
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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