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Maine's oldest newspaper calls for the return of mandatory helmet laws

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Not this tired old subject again. (YAWN) Of course the government has no business regulating evey minute facet of our lives. VWW
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One more opportunity to repeat my mantra:

"Helmets are like condoms. I know I should always wear one but it's none of the government's damn business if I do or if I don't"

Screw "Operation Iraqi Freedom", how about some good old fashioned American freedom.
I've seen your pictures ebass. Do the police even know when you not wearing a helmet? VWW
Being bald and comparing helmets to condoms is a really bad idea.....
At least they're offering a fair, unbiased and well- balanced report on the subject.
"Fourteen of the deaths in Maine last year involved riders who were at least 35 years old. Overall, the 35-44 and 45-54 age groups here have each accounted for more deaths than young riders over the past five year"

Right BMW4Play. la la la la la
This just in from Fox News

Same story on Fox News.

"Those liberal democrats up in Maine are up to no good. Those commies would like to force motorcyclist to be responsible to their employers, loved ones, insurers and taxpayer-funded programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare. Who needs those commie programs any way.Those slime ball, American hating, liberal do gooders want to require motorcyclist to wear helmets. Traitor and liberal Rep. Walter A. Wheeler Sr., D-Kittery is the sponsor of the tryranical law. Be sure and join Bill O'Rielly on Fox tonight as he digs up the dirt on Watler Wheeler Sr."
Re: This just in from Fox News

Yeah, I've heard it before, how can 60,000,000 people be so dumb.
Anonymous, I'll make a deal with you. I'll support your riding a motorcycle if you'll drop any and all life and health insurance and be prepared to simply die if you are injured as a result of your desire to ride such dangerous vehicles. Oh, and by the way you'lll also have to avoid swiming pools, skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving, and bath tubs if you fail to wear the gear approved for such activities, that will be proposed, by the safty-crats of the great nanny state. Wake up and smell the coffee. It's not time that we manage our own sport properly. It's time that we manage our government properly. VWW
I pick up the costs of every smoker that gets cancer, every AIDS patient that didn't wear a condom, every fat ass that has numerous health problems, every deadbeat that doesn't want to work, every drunk and druggie that needs rehab, every kid that's born that had a parent with no money. So everything is going to be fine if we all wear helmets?? Fix the other 100 million problems that will save me 1000 times more money, and I'll wear my helmet every day and twice on Sunday.
So, for example, if they have 10 times the riders and double the deaths, that would be bad? Goes to show that with the right manipulation and selection, data can be used to prove anything to anyone.
Yo, I bet you are also this worked up about people in cars not wearing helmets. A whole lot more money would be saved making car drivers were helmets as opposed to motorcyclist..........

Man for some people its no brain-no headache...
Come on, Longride, without manipulation and selection data what would politicans have to talk about :)
And another thing. Guns don't kill people, people do. Stupid asses. Kpaul, is that u?
This is parallel to the recent issue of whether insurance underwriters should be permitted to charge higher premiums to motorcyclists.

I think they should. Cost should be localized to benefit. If you don't want to wear a helmet, fine, just pay even higher premiums or void your coverage.
The horse is dead Sam, stop beating it!

Please add the links to all the other times this has been brought up. It would save time for everyone to just re-read whats allready been posted.
Insurance companies should be allowed to place whatever restrictions they choose upon their customers in a voluntary transaction, who, if I am not mistaken, are free to choose NOT to be their customers at any time. The question should be "should government be allowed to tell anyone how to run their business?"
-Helmet laws

-Harleys, for or against

-Not being able to ride to a modern sportbikes potential

Did I miss any other boring repeating topics of debate that the arguements never change?
Longride, if you weren't so damn ugly I could kiss you.

Oh yeah, and it'd help if you were a girl too.
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yeah, but it never gets old watching peoples heads spontaneously combust on cue does it? I'm just glad peace can now return to middle east now elections are over in iraq.
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