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Major Shareholder in World Superbike Wants Out

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KPaul the prophet :)

Several us said that the Ducati Cup, WSB was in trouble. Presto. Thank God the AMA got its act together in time. But seriously, I agree with many that there is still need to have a series that races near "production" bikes. To use the car world analogy MotoGP is like Formula One, AMA is like NASCAR, WSB is like ?? hm maybe WSB is not needed.
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Re: KPaul the prophet :)

It seems that the problems at Octagon are largely unrelated to WSB -- that general mismanagement is largely to blame (misreported financial results are usually a sign of either incompetent or crooked management -- al la Enron).

For an earlier report (last October) on the financial and management problems at Octagon, CLICK HERE.

I have been unable to determine quickly just how large a stake Octagon holds in SBK International, but if they were to go under at the same time that the fan base for WSB erodes, WSB may be forced to regroup.

This could be just what it takes to shake up the WSB organizers. The changes made to date are, in the minds of many fans, too little and too late.

I would hate to see it fold, at least without someone else to step into the breach with a better alternative.

My most realistic hope is that someone with financial and management resources will buy up Octagon (probably can get it cheap) and use the opportunity to make the necessary changes. (Somebody in the France family, perhaps). There have been persistant recent rumors that F1 impressario Bernie Ecclestone is interested in buying Octagon, and possible the other shares of SBK International.
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The Thought Plickens!

See this recent article in AMASuperbike which speculates that Ecclestone will be the buyer, and points out that the head of Octagon is the brother of the head of SBK International.

My money says Bernie snatches up the whole thing.
SCCA Showroom Stock

I'm voting for a class where you race exactly what you bought from the dealer showroom. Absolutely no mods, except for spring rates to suit rider weight. And make them endurance events where the stock tires have to be used. And the tracks will have to have equal amounts of straights, sweepers and tight twisties, so the big bore drag bikes will have to contend with the superlight lean machines. If it's already out there, please point me in the right direction.

Fight the fat!
From Interpublic Group Earnings Release

The following excerpts are taken from the 4th quarter 2002 earnings release for Interpublic Group, issued this week:



In the fourth quarter, the company identified $135.8 million of pre-tax charges, primarily non-cash, relating to asset impairments and other operating expenses at Octagon Motor Sports. Because the events that triggered the impairment occurred in the third quarter, charges of $132.1 million were appropriately recorded by restating the third quarter of 2002. The remaining $3.7 million of charges relate to prior periods from 2001 and 2002.

As part of the company's broad-based review of its balance sheet, $29.9 million of pre-tax charges not related to Octagon Motor Sports were identified and recorded in prior periods in the years 1997-2002, principally reflecting adjustments to intangible asset amortization, purchase accounting and other items. While not material to any individual prior period, these charges would have been material in the aggregate if recognized in the fourth quarter of 2002 due to abnormally low earnings in the quarter.


Octagon Motor Sports

In the fourth quarter, Octagon management completed an in-depth cash flow analysis of its motor sports assets and concluded that the book value of Octagon Motor Sports significantly exceeded its estimated fair market value. Accordingly, the company identified $135.8 million of primarily non-cash charges to reflect the impaired value of the assets and other adjustments. Because the events that triggered the impairment occurred in the third quarter, charges of $132.1 million were appropriately recorded by restating the third quarter of 2002. As a result, the company expects to file restated reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the appropriate periods.

Interpublic's new management has retained independent advisors to evaluate exit strategies relative to its motor sports assets. The remaining book value of long-lived assets relating to Octagon Motor Sports is approximately $70 million at December 31, 2002. This amount, as well as other substantial contractual obligations, may not be fully recoverable depending on the exit strategy the company ultimately chooses to pursue.
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Re: SCCA Showroom Stock

I love it. NASCAR was originally the same thing. Mods were really really minimal. Mostly safety wire and a K&N air filter. The daytona race "track" was partly on the pavement, and the other half of the oval was the beach.

Them were the days.

What's neat about your showroom stock suggestion is that, of course, it would actually have meaning for and aplicability to the real world, and might drawa huge fan base of average Joes. No one really thinks he can do what little Nicky Hayden does, especially given the funding and special bikes. But if Nucky were racing say, an Interceptor...well, that's just cool.

Hey, ya' know, in such a class, the ZRX1200 would have a pretty good chance. Holy crap, maybe Steady Eddie could race it...again!
Re: KPaul the prophet :)

It's pretty obvious you're scoring yourself.

But hey I think World Superbike blew it too.
to respond to the original thread, I think they blew it also.

Only because they allowed the rules to dictate the competitors chances of winning.

the solution? none. give up .. start over. rename the series. and reinvent a competive class of all around sport bikes for '04..
Re: KPaul the prophet :)

WSB?? it could be INDYCAR or a form of CART..

(translated to motorcycles of course)

now that I think about it, CART would be more appropriate since they allow different brands of engine and chassis combinations.

Give me a day or two and I'll come up with a formula.

any suggestions?
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C'mon. AMA *THE* other series? ahahaha.

AMA is for all the guys who couldn't make it in the World's. Your NASCAR analogy is quite correct (NO RIGHT TURN)

WSB would be like the touring-car series, which races "production" cars. Besides, WSB runs on much better tracks.. oh, and W means "World"... which doesn't start in california and end in new york.

MotoGP *is* Formula One Motorcycle Racing, by the way.

World Super Sport cold save the Ducati Cup (WSB) ??

The commentators on the WSB broadcast pointed out that there were more spectators at the Super Sport (600 inline 4s and 748 V-2) race than the WSB race. Why? One word ---Competition!!!
Re: KPaul the prophet :)

I have to say that AMA Superbike is nothing like NASCAR. Well, at least not from a machinery stand point. The bikes have the same engine configuration as production, the same wheel drives the race bike as the production, and (I maybe wrong on this) I think that the frame/wheelbase dimensions are the same (at least close) to production. The cars in NASCAR are almost identicle to each other, and the dimensions are not even close to stock. Don't get me wrong I actually like NASCAR, I liked it more 20 years ago, but it is still fun. Anyway that is my $.01. I realize it is not worth two.
Re: KPaul the prophet :)

Actually CART doesn't allow different brands of engines anymore. It has an exclusive contract with Ford as the sole engine provider of the series.
You Gotta Be $hitn Me!

AMA for guys who couldn't make it in the Worlds? WTF? Name another series that has produced as many GP and WSB contenders and champions over the years.
Here's what I'd like to see

Full dressers racing and instead of the Goodyear Blimp we'd have Jesse James doing the camera work from his hot air balloon that is launched from his Moster Garage built Geo Tracker. Pay Up Sucker $.
Re: World Super Sport cold save the Ducati Cup (WSB) ??

The supersport is much better racing! Maybe they should make the 600 the headline race and relegate the Ducati Cup to support?
Re: World Super Sport cold save the Ducati Cup (WSB) ??

The SuperStock is also great racing -- in WSB, the superstocks run up to 1000cc, unlike AMA where it is the GSXR 750 Cup.

Nearly stock (shocks, pipes etc) Ducati, R1, RC51, 954RR, GSXR1000 etc head to head, with no restrictor plates!
Re: World Super Sport cold save the Ducati Cup (WSB) ??

"Nearly stock (shocks, pipes etc) Ducati, R1, RC51, 954RR, GSXR1000 etc head to head, with no restrictor plates!" I would love to see that. Talk about diversity.
AMA should schedule races in Europe, Austrailia, and Japan like the NFL, NBA and MLB

I agree with you. Look at all the Austrailians like Mladin, Gobert etc. Maybe they should have AMA races overseas. Maybe AMA superbike replaces WSB.
and intelligence doesn't start in m and end in 9

What a dip$hit
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