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Re: SCCA Showroom Stock

I love it. NASCAR was originally the same thing. Mods were really really minimal. Mostly safety wire and a K&N air filter. The daytona race "track" was partly on the pavement, and the other half of the oval was the beach.

Them were the days.

What's neat about your showroom stock suggestion is that, of course, it would actually have meaning for and aplicability to the real world, and might drawa huge fan base of average Joes. No one really thinks he can do what little Nicky Hayden does, especially given the funding and special bikes. But if Nucky were racing say, an Interceptor...well, that's just cool.

Hey, ya' know, in such a class, the ZRX1200 would have a pretty good chance. Holy crap, maybe Steady Eddie could race it...again!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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