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Biaggi is always a sore loser, prolly why everybody loves to hate him. Notice how Sete was very congratulatory to Rossi? Then right after that Biaggi didn't say a damn thing to Rossi.

Nicky whoopsass, that's all there is to say. He's gonna finish 5th in the championship and has just shown extremely steady improvement the whole year. He's proven a lot of people wrong (he got CEII's ride hogwash) and proven he deserves everybit of the backing Honda gave him.

No doubt Kwak does suck in GP. They ought to keep and spend their money in the BSB and AMA SBK series and do well. EBoz will do a whole hell of a lot better on a bike that at least has a chance to be very competative in basically the "new" superbike series. I'd die if he had to go to MotoGP to take 15ths. He ought to ask Mladin or Chandler how great it is on a GP team with basically no chance.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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