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Man riding motorcycle with body charged.

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must have been a goldwing.

wait, mexico............1972 honda CB.
Let's see here. Just strangled some guy to death while high on drugs, and now decides that the best course of action is to throw a helmet on the corpse, put it on a motorcycle, ride through downtown TJ in broad daylight! Is this the same guy that put straight gas in Mcgrath's stolen CR125, and went for a ride?
OK... I'll admit that this is one of those times a car would be a lot better than a Bike.
Hmmmm, wonder if he was riding a stolen works 1992 CR125?
A Reasonable Mistake

You mean that’s illegal in TJ? Must be the only thing……
Re: Punker Pan Bi pods...

" Necro-perv arrested in public body bop"

Cheech Wizard is alive and living in Mexico
Re: Punker Pan Bi pods...

That's supposed to be "Necro perv HAT arrested in public body bop"

Ashly darlin' we need an "edit" function to avoid these embarresssing corrections......

See to it, won't you dear? ....Ta luv.
Kinda begs the question; Wouldn't his getaway have been faster, safer and potentially more successful ALONE?
Re: Punker Pan Bi pods...

At least it keeps some, we know who, from saying "I never said that". A spelll check would bre handee.
THEN he comes back to the scene of the crime to be a witness...this guy is definately my candidate for this year's Darwin Awards!
I've heard of things called "stupid pills".

I didn't think they were real until now!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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