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Masei streetburner boots review

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So found out the hard way about this product first of all i could not find a review on these shoes so i purchased them on ebay from hong kong
for 30 plus 30 postage i was kind of excited to get them as i have not had a pair of bike shoes before
i wore them once for about ten minutes to drop some videos off at the store lets say 4 km being generous they felt great and were ok for riding
when i got home i inspected them and noticed that there were loose screws
so i proceeded to unscrew and loctite all screws so that i would not lose any of the parts i then put the shoes by my front door to dry and used them as a door stop for a few days
i went to put them back on a few days later and noticed that a part had been broken(note that i have only worn them for 5 mins so far)a breather vent on side of shoe had somehow broken whilst being used as door stop!!:mad: this could not be fixed even if you are skilled with araldite

a few days later i decided to try them again on a longer ride i put them on as i tensioned the ratchet style lower tightening system carefully the ratchet broke by this stage i was not suprised as the quality is just not in these shoes at all

i learnt my lesson i hope that you will from mine instead of spending the money save up and buy a real pair of shoes that will last for years to come and protect you when you need them most:mad: :mad: :mad:
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Hate to say it but you get what you pay for. The Masei ones are copies of the Sidi ITALIAN made boots, they could of at least changed the names...LOL
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