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Mat Mladin Confirmed for Sears

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Actually he didn't have surgery.

Read it at "".

Words from Matt

"The foot's okay," said Matt from his room at a Motel 6 in Anadarko, Oklahoma. "A little tender, but okay. I was kind of worried there for a while, because this is the same foot I used to kick everyone's ass at Daytona."
Re: Words from Matt

I'd give this one and the Ducati post a 2 or 3.
Re: Words from Matt

Then you are sorely lacking in sense of humor.
What the heck is Mat doing staying at a Motel 6?
Mat is at Motel 6, because that's where all the Vespa Corse riders stay. Back in the old days, when Mat was riding for Yoshimura, he used to stay at classier places like Super 8 and eat at Sizzler every night. He is one lucky dude.
Aren't they the official Motel of the AMA? I keep seeing them advertise during races.

But seriously, there probably aren't any better places in Anadarko, OK. (Funny, because there isn't even a Motel 6 there, but several in nearby Lawton & OK City).

A better question is what was he doing in Anadarko, OK?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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