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Jack was known as the Wizard He was sharp, intelligent, fun to be around. I haven''t seen him in years since the accident. He got to drinking too much at the bar (another of my major peeves nowdays), was evidently paranoid that somebody was chasing him on his XL350 when he didn''t make the turn on White Oak in Raleigh and cracked open his brand new Bell helmet on the church steps. The blood stains are still in the brick. The EMT''s estimated he had been dead 5 minutes when they got him going again and his short term memory isn''t what it needs to be to do computer programming after that, but he''s still alive and got married. The Bell rep that analyzed the damaged helmet said he''d never seen one with so much damage where the rider came out alive. Cracked from the hair line on the front to a similar point on the back. Sorry to bother you with this story, and it still affects me emotionally after 15 years, but if you don''t like it, take that peanut shell helmet and use it for a suppository. (i.e. Shove it, for those of you less literary).

Point is: You don''t have to force me to wear a helmet. I''ve seen enough people live because of them and even if I do die, maybe they can still have an open casket funeral.

Just my opinion
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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