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This is pretty cool, but almost seems a bit "Big Brother-ish". {shudders}

For the Luddites amongst us, there's another low-tech solution:

Medical Information Data Systems, Inc.

Fill in your info with a pencil, fold neatly per the instructions, slip it in the pouch, tuck in the flap, then peel & stick!

All my helmets have one.

They also work great as "Ice-Breakers" for other riders you may happen to meet (I bought a few dozen, carry with, and give them out to people I meet).

You never know, Ya' know?

(besides, I'm REALLY hard on crap like this - I go through PDAs, Jump Drives, and Cell Phones like they were the cheap, Chinese-made toys they are...........)
If your info is written in pencil then no one needs a laptop to read it.

Reminds me of the millions that NASA spent on a pen that would write in space.
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