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Meet MO at the track

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Make sure to include some video, please!
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Did Ducati give any reasons as to why? Can't their 999 hang with the other liter bikes?
What a tremendous invite. I'm too far away but sure wish I could drop in to say hello. Come on you left-coasters. Give 'em some support. Can't wait for the tests. I know you'll do a great job. Maybe we talked too bad about the 999's bad looks. Their loss. What a chance for Ducati to make everyone forget about looks and focus on GO.
I wonder if this isn't the beginning of the end for Ducati. Their financial woes are keeping them off the track for "marketing" type shootouts.

They could only manage 6th in the IRTA MotoGP.

Its only a matter of time now.....

Right... By your logic Suzuki, Yamaha (other than Rossi's team), Kawasaki, and Aprilia are teetering on the edge of bancruptcy, too...

Why the hell would Ducati want to put the 999 out in the middle of a bunch of bikes that are 40rwhp up and 30lbs down on it?
Who wants to ride to Buttonwillow?

Okay MOrons, Sean has put out the invite, and I'm considering taking the day off and riding to Buttonwillow. I'd be leaving early and returning early, as I have a commitment back in Los Angeles that evening.

I propose meeting up in Ojai and heading up the 33 to Buttonwillow. This route would be about 100 miles. 33 is wide-open, so we should be able to do that in 2 hours on one tank of gas.

For a longer but even more fun route, we could detour off 33 at Lockwood Valley Road.

Gas up in Frazier Park. Then take Cuddy Valley Road and Cerro Noroeste back to 33 and Buttonwillow. This route would be about 150 miles and probably take us 3 and a half hours.

So what do you SoCal MOrons think? We could do breakfast in Ojai...

Hey Sean, what's the MO track schedule? When would be a good time for us readers to arrive and meet the MO staff?

So, any body else want to ride?
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In the maps above, ignore any reference to Cuyama. I just had to use that intermediate destination to get Mapquest to show the route I wanted.
brickl asks: "Why the hell would Ducati want to put the 999 out in the middle of a bunch of bikes that are 40rwhp up and 30lbs down on it?"

Aprilia is throwing their Mille, Honda their RC-51 and Triumph their 955i into the middle of that same group, all those bikes make similliar horespower with similiar weight to the Ducati 999.

This isn't simply an inline-4 shootout. Aside from the Ducati, every 2, 3 and 4 cylinder 1000cc supersport available in America is going to be in this test. I think the 999 would have fit right in. Granted, the Inline 4s will be the HP and probably also the lap-time kings, but there WILL be a street portion of the test. Furthermore, the racetrack we are using is very "twin friendly". Overall, I would think that the Ducati 999 would fare fairly well in this shootout, had Ducati chosen to participate in it. -Sean

Re: Who wants to ride to Buttonwillow?

We're doing much the same route the day before, for the street ride portion, on Thursday the 8th. However, I cannot extend an invitation to the MO readers for the street portion, because we need to concentrate on the bikes and the road, with a minimum of additional riders, noise, commotion, etc...

See you at Buttonwillow on the 9th! (or in a bar in the town of Buttonwillow on Thursday night, the 8th) -Sean
Re: Who wants to ride to Buttonwillow?

I'd love to join you but it's Good Friday so I'll be dodging lightning bolts at St Elizabeth's.
Is Jb goin to skip school

Come on JB call in sick and see if ya can be faster that Sean. At least to give us a quick impression of some of the bikes. Heck, someones got to lowside one bike ;)
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