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Who wants to ride to Buttonwillow?

Okay MOrons, Sean has put out the invite, and I'm considering taking the day off and riding to Buttonwillow. I'd be leaving early and returning early, as I have a commitment back in Los Angeles that evening.

I propose meeting up in Ojai and heading up the 33 to Buttonwillow. This route would be about 100 miles. 33 is wide-open, so we should be able to do that in 2 hours on one tank of gas.

For a longer but even more fun route, we could detour off 33 at Lockwood Valley Road.

Gas up in Frazier Park. Then take Cuddy Valley Road and Cerro Noroeste back to 33 and Buttonwillow. This route would be about 150 miles and probably take us 3 and a half hours.

So what do you SoCal MOrons think? We could do breakfast in Ojai...

Hey Sean, what's the MO track schedule? When would be a good time for us readers to arrive and meet the MO staff?

So, any body else want to ride?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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