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Men accused of doing 150-plus with motorcycle, Corvette following

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Somehow this doesn't seem all that wrong...

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First 205 in MN and now this. I now get to watch my insurance go through the roof. When will these people learn that we'll loose our rights to ride if this BS keeps up.

With all the attention this kind of stuff has gotten recently in the news, one would think that this has never happened before.

I guess what they don't know won't hurt them.

The fact that it's a news story in spite of it's frequency highlights the fact that most motorcyclists can do this occassionally without killing anybody, themselves included.

Motorcyclists, due to their reduced risk of injury to others, should have different rules than the average brain-dead and uncoordinated cage driver. To wit, put motorcycles under a common-law rule. No harm, no foul.
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How about we take a poll... I'd like to see how many people here have never popped 150 on a public road.

I don't think its possible to merge onto an interstate without breaking 130. I don't know how to not do it.

What say you?
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You are kidding, right? People have been doing this in cars for years.

My insurance has gone down and I still have the right to drive my car.

Get real!!
I can neither confirm nor deny going over 150 mph on a public road.
It is a sportbike owner's responsibility to test out how fast their new bike can go. It is also a requirement of sportbike ownership to race (and obliterate) rich yuppy sportscar owners, especially if the rich yuppy sportscar owner has a piece of asp woman in the passenger seat 15 years his junior.
I do happen to know how fast (speedometer indicated) my bike goes. On level ground no wind, level ground head wind, slightly up hill, passenger,...

There is something to be said for blowing the doors off a $50,000+ car with a $5000 used motorcycle that wasn't near the fastest 600 when it was new.
Me. Until recently I haven't owned a bike that would go that fast.

"I don't think its possible to merge onto an interstate without breaking 130. I don't know how to not do it."

In California, you'd rear-end someone as soon as you pulled onto the freeway at that speed.

Speaking of m/c speeders. I saw the cops run into a speeder on a green Ksaki Ninja while stopping him on "Wildest Police Chases" last night.

What color's your bike, longride? We haven't heard much from you lately. Did you make bail? Or do they have internet access at the county slammer?

I plead quilty of having popped a number of things (including one cherry) but I have never popped 150 on my Fat Boy.

- cruiz-euro
You're right. But the press has never made it an issue.

What we do need to be concerned about is the media deciding to make a crusade about m/c speeders. If the media starts harping on this then the kneejerk idiots in the legislatures will respond with more stupid laws. Lord help us if they decide to make it a "public safety" issue. Americans will pretty much support any sort of "totalitarianism with a smile" legislation if you scare them enough with newspaper and TV propaganda.
What is an "asp woman"? I've heard of an "ass woman", this must be even better.

- cruiz-euro
And pretty soon the only place you'll be able to speed in will be Mexico.

Ghod save us. Margarita anyone?
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