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The AMA Rule book says that Pro Thunder Machinery must meet the requirements in "equipment standards general- and equipment standards all road race motorcycles" In the above mentioned section, it says that tires with a minimum .060" tread depth at the center of the tire are required.

Strangely enough, this also applies to Superbike, and Formula Extreme, GP etc. The only class with its own seperate guideline where you must run "groove molded" and DOT stamped tires is supersport.

Since Slicks are the norm in dry conditions for Superbike etc. All I can assume is that .060" of rubber in the middle is technically acceptable.

One could run DOT's in Pro Thunder, and If you can win on them, even better. It also depends on the relationship with the sponsors. We pay for slicks, but we get our DOT's for free.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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