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I'll disregard your lack of knowledge this time. no thanks necessary. The rennsports are probably the biggest advancement in race/street tires in a long while. Whereas the Michelin PILOTs take a lap to a lap and a half to heat up, the rennsports heat up within one to two corners. BTW, the PIRELLI super corsa's are the exact same carcass badged under the metzeler name. Pirelli Owns Metzeler. The difference is just in the tread design.

Also, The "slick" sidewall is superior to the dunlop 207/208's in that is resists cupping. Water dispersion is not an issue in my opinion. What street rider would be using that much lean angle anyway in the rain.

Another Thing about these as compared to the street tires. (i.e) BT 010, D207ZR, etc. They last much longer than race tires of recent past. These tires when cold rarely slide out on me (unless coerced). I've had tire spin in 3rd gear @ partial lean angle on my Bridgestone BT-56SS, but only once in 1st gear on my metzelers.

These tires rock and will be my choice for a long time.


99 GSXR 750
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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