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Everything is slippery on big paint stripes in the road, especially when wet. When the road is cold and wet, NOTHING warms up, so all tires stay cold. The Metzlers do slide around, but what doesn't? They are still completely predictable. You know where you are sliding to on Metzlers. That is the difference between having sphincter tightening fun and having a medical bill. I ride all winter in Seattle, so wet handling makes a big difference to me.

In traffic, the Metzlers are stable at all angles, so when some cager does something odd, you can react predictably. They make the bike handle "heavier" because you don't fall into a corner so much as more eliptical profile tires, but they are balanced at any point along the radius, making them managable and predictable in just about any situation.

That is my humble, less than completely squidly, daily riding opinion.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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