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Metzeler Sportec M-1 product review

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Re: MO's tire reviews

So far, MO has fallen right into the hands of Metzeler's, Dunlop's, and Michelin's marketing departments. Giving the general thumbs up to the D207 GP Star, Pilot Sport, and Sportec M-1 is useful, granted. But what your readers (or at least I) really want is some head to head competition. I want some winners and losers, not this "everybody's good" stuff. Maybe reviewing tires isn't as cool as reviewing the newest supersports, but stop promising to do a comparo and actually do it. It might even be a good excuse to get a few different types of bikes on the track together.
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1) Well, hold on there...

2) ...thus I can double the contact patch in square inches by halving the tire pressure? No way.

3) Changing the shape can change the area. Its not a given, but if you let the tire run "flatter" at any particular lean angle by changing the shape of the tire (via circ. or radial bands), you will get both change in shape and/or area of the contact patch.

By the way, it is tire pressure that controls the heat buildup in the tire, primarily through controlled flexing of the sidewall. You want cooler tires? Increase the pressure. That's why it is so interesting that your Michelin guys tried to heat up the tire during the warmest period of the day to give you better they weren't warming up enough?
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