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MI House Passes Helemt Repeal Bill.

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prediction....death rate will go up
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Clap your hands now you idiots. 5 years from now the government will be using the skyrocketing motorcycle death rate (because of a lack of helmet use) to forever change motorcycling as it exists today. Before you know it we'll all be riding mopeds with airbags. Congratulations you brainless jerks.
I Live in Michigan....***** You ABATE...I hope the pavement feels good when you dumbass's crack your skulls on it. The freedom to choose my guest...this Michigander will still be covering his lid.
Fighting for freedom of choice - way to go!

Riding without your pumpkin covered - good luck!
I'm looking forward to the fresh perspectives and new information on the helmet law-vs-no-helmet-law that will emerge in this discussion. It should be very stimulating.
as a michigan resident, this won't change what I do one bit. I'll still wear my helmet at all times. the upshot is that since it will be mostly harley poseurs and squids that will ride without helmets, ultimately it will mean fewer squids and open-piped harleys on the road. win-win situation for cynical ol' me.
Of course, the article (in an insurance industry "rag") selectively uses statistics that, while not contradicting each other, do not actually support the same position.

Specifically the artical states the estimated lifetime medical costs of surviving patients with severe head injuries (doesn't specificy motorcycle or otherwise), but then when talking about states that have recently repealed helmet laws, the article states that motorcycle deaths have gone up...

seems to me if the rider is dead, there are no lifetime medical costs.......

here in WA we have mandatory helmet laws, in florida where my retired dad lives (no old people jokes please) they don't. I wear a helmet both places.
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Anyone who goes more than forty miles and hour knows that the first advantage of a helmet is that it keeps your eyes from watering, and eventually drying out, as though you have the Mother of All Allergies. You can wear goggles and one of those dorky 'barely legal' helmets, but I don't see a big demographic for people who insist on their right to look like an idiot. Just wear a proper 'Darth Vader' helmet and get over it.
Asinine, adjective

1) marked by inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgement

Good god!!! Not another helmet thread?!

With that said, everyone start watching the MI classifieds for slightly bent motorcycles being sold cheap by widows of the STUPID.
mo·ron (môrn) n.

(Not to be confused with a MOron, MOfo or MOridian)

A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive. (especially by the moron himself)
"A 2005 AAA survey shows that nearly 90 percent of AAA Michigan members oppose a repeal of the state's mandatory motorcycle helmet law."

I can't think of a better reason to repeal a law than this one.
Mr. Funny man! You're ready to join the SNL cast!

Next we need to work over the old debates on:

1) Biker Vs. Squid

2) Crusiers Vs. Sport Bikes

3) Tuffguy Costumes Vs. Protective gear

The list goes on...
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Next up..... boat owners and plumbers are surveyed about motorcycle hemet usage.

More surveys to come.... High School droputs are surveyed on the parameters for new particle accelerator experiments..... Landscapers are surveyed on the best techniques for improving the accuracy of AR-15s.........
Actually, we need to ask postal workers about the "AR-15's"

Excellent point.

None of those 3 A's stand for motorcycle?

Perhaps they would have gotten better info if they talked to folks from AA? (my opinion more than likely 'should' be part of that group)
That would mean the decision to ride a motorcycle at all.
To 90% of voters that would mean the decision to ride a motorcycle at all.
Yawn. Another thread filled with rhetoric BS from the power ranger crowd.

I do not watch cartoons and consequently have no desire to dress like an astronaut when I go for a ride. Why anybody considers it their business and go on to make disparaging comments is beyond me. I most certainly do not inconvenience any other road user nor do I violate any laws.
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