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Michelin CEO Killed in Accident.

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Figures. He should have been using something with tires.

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Hopefully, the company will keep going in the right direction.
Stick to what you know, right?

No pun intended, eh.

It sucks to see people die in accidents whether it's boating or whatever.
You tellin`me that the "Michelin Man" is dead.

Who gonna do them commercials.
You would think being big round and white, you could float!!! Good Speed Michelin Man.
I read the article. First thing which comes to mind is a Matlock episode. Boating accident?
Anybody know Rossi's whereabouts at the time?
I hope that "boating accident" is PR code for "heart attack while keeping the company of three prostitutes, the likes of which only a wealthy CEO could obtain."

Much better way to go.
That sure as hell would qualify as an accident in MY book!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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