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Mid Ohio VMD

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Anybody heading to Mid Ohio VMD.? Id like to put some faces with names. At the flattrack I'll be the long haired bearded guy with the orange Harley Sprint. At the VMX an other orange Sprint and at the PVMX with a Honda and CanAm.Look me up.
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You just described a guy I know from here in Richmond, VA!!!

Have fun. Wish I could go. Maybe next year.

(Been saying that for too long)
Im about 2 hours from Richmond in Southern Md about 45 min southeast of Budd's Creek
It'll be an extravaganza of all things vintage MX.

Say hello to Rick Sieman (Super Hunky) for me, he's going to be thete with his old buddy Tom. Also, check out Ken Smith from OZ at the VMX booth. He's got some great bikes and stories (if you can understand what he's saying, thick ozzie accent).

I was going to go, but since I'm stuck in a wheelchair air travel is a real pain anymore.

Post some pics when you get back, would dig seeing your Sprint. Is it the ERS?

Air travel is a pain, period!

You don't have a trick vehicle yet? I'd think you'd at least have a Bonneville with a sidehack like your avatar.

I had a good friend (paralysed from L3, I think) that had a Ford van with hand controls. He drove like a madman! He went through a lot of rear tires.

He also had a very cool trike that he built with the remains of the FXE he was riding when he was hurt.

One of my buddies is building a race-ready TR-5T. He's not sure about VMD, since it's a fur piece from here, but he is planning to be at the Barber show.
Push my man,

You know that, I'm still just trying to make it through the day without losing my marbles. I took a driver ed course with a car with hand controls, but so far the DMV hasn't contacted me for my test.

Maybe someday I'll get a cool machine, but that's way down the road. TR5's are the coolest. Did you check out that video in the Mx forum, has some kid hillclimbing a Trophy with bare feet. Wacky.

I got invited to go to VMD with Rick, but decided it was way too far to go (in my current condition). Oh well, how's that song go "roll another one, just like the other one"...
I know I speak for all us MoRons when I tell you how hard I wish for your speedy "recovery", and you can get back to terrorizing barmaids on a full-time basis!

"Roll another one
Just like the other one.
This one's burnt to the end
Come on and be a friend."
Didnt take any pics.. heard Sieman on the Pa but didnt see him. Both my Sprints are built from Street engines...the MX is built pretty close to CRS specs,the flattracker a little hotter. the CRS's and ERS' are getting REAl pricey. After my flattracker broke,i rode a friends'CR powered flattracker...WHOA!!!!! now i know what ba REAL race bike feels like. unfortunately I broke it too! had better luck at the MX.
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