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Re: My Pick is Still the FZ6

I, too, just got an FZ-6 (I'm in the East Bay - is it something about this area?), and having just gotten off a 99 EX-500, I have no doubt as to which is the better bike. Despite all of the comments about vibration, the FZ-6 is worlds more comfortable to ride - I can actually contemplate riding a couple of hours at a time on it, whereas doing that with the EX-500 would have me staggering off the bike, with my right arm feeling like it had been connected to a battery all day.

I think it points up the hazard of defining such a broad class of bikes - really, trying to compare an EX-500 with an FZ-6 with a Ducati just seems like stretching the definitions of "middleweight" and "standard" a bit too far.
1 - 1 of 228 Posts
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