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I bought a DL650 in the first week of March. I've been riding for about 14 years now, and this is easily the best bike for me. I ride my bikes almost every day - to and from work- and usually take a couple of long tours per year (like 1000+ mile tours). I usually put 10-12k / yr on a bike. With gas prices continuing to spike up, I'm finding myself riding more and more.

My last bike was a 99 ZRX1100, a great bike with oodles of torque and a superb commuter. My main problem there was that it was a poor touring rig. I also often found myself wanting something that could take the gravel side roads here in Tx with aplomb. The DL650 fits all my needs and does it with incredible competence that I really didn't expect. Wind protection is superb. I'm pretty sure I can run through twisties faster on the DL650 than I could on the ZRX; this bike makes it easy, maybe too easy. By far the most flickable, most comfortable, most flexible, and most stable, and most fun motorcycle I've ever owned.

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