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I agree wholeheartedly that the FZ-6 is tops in the looks department, but I think Yamaha missed the boat in regard to what people who buy "naked" bikes are looking for. By all reports, the FZ-6 has a very peaky powerband, and if you're willing to put up with that, perhaps a full-on crotch rocket would be a better choice. (At least then you'd get the handling to go with the toggle-switch powerband.)

As far as the last place vote for the Ninja 500 from Fonzie goes, I have a theory there as well. The Ninja costs at least 50% less than any other bike in the comparo, therefore it must be 50% worse, right?

Seriously, though, I can recommend the EX unreservedly, having just bought one myself.

What's not to like? Sub-$5000 MSRP, great

handling (so long as it's not compared to canyon-carvers costing twice as much), 50-odd MPG, and 12-second quarter-miles. Now if I can just get this damned break-in period done....
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