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Middleweight Standards Comparo

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Nice article. As the owner of my fourth Sportster-a 1200R, I must agree that overall it is a radical improvement from its '03 and earlier versions. It can still be easily smoked by most of the other "small" bikes in the test, but the grin factor when riding this bike thru curves is astounding.

The saddle continues to be an ergonomic pain-in-the-arse, the headlight equals a weak batteried flashlight and the stock Showa suspension combines nicely with the dummlopp "rim protecturrzz" to compromise handling. That said vast improvements are only(!!) hundreds of dollars away: Race Tech up front, good shocks in rear, Bridgestone BT45Vs, an aftermarket out curves! IMO, of the 65 or so bikes I've had the 1200R ranks up there with the best for being lotsa fun to ride. My BMW R1150GS will easily show her saddlebags to the 1200R, but the 1200R is the usual choice for riding. DFO
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Re: LUSTING after EX500?

That handlebar isn't going to do anything for your rear and your feet.

And T&P: Lusting for an EX500? Lusting? You might want an EX but lusting for the little Ninja would be like lusting for Jeanine Garafalo. I might like to take her for a ride but my fantasies are far more expensive.
I think Burns has some nude pictures of Fonzi or something.

The only thing I know about karate is that I write checks to the place where my son takes lessons. He passed his first belt test so now my little ninja is ready to bust out a can of whoopass!
He's probably still in the ICU being revived after he clicked on the story and realized that I was a guest tester!
Re: Karate?

I guess I didn't appear threatening enough because the first bike I rode in the test was the Vstrom.
It amazes me how much cheaper Italian bikes and Harleys are to insure compared to Japanese bikes. All the squids doing idiotic stunts have screwed you race rep riders.

I think I pay about $450/yr for my Ducati and $550/yr for the Electra Glide through State Farm.

That's 100/300 with a $100 ded. comp and collision.

I really enjoyed the unfaired Honda. It's what motorcycling is all about. I rairly rode my Low Rider with the windshield except for a road trip. I really miss it with a fully faired Duc and Geezer Glide.

Of course when we wrapped up our bull session at about 9 pm or so and I realized I had a 100+ mile ride home down the California coast sporting a nice marine layer, I happily hopped on the Harley, flipped on the electric vest, popped a Stereophonics cd in the player and set the cruise control for 75.

Riding the Triumph or Honda all the way home would have been slightly less comfortable.

I wrapped up a 350 mile day while those other boys were warm under their covers.
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Re: Karate?

I think it was the Triumph's fault. I was just gently twisting the throttle and the darn thing kept wheeliing.
Hey now. Sometimes it gets in the 50s here. It's just so damp along the coast it makes it feel colder and I only wear a t-shirt under my jacket.

I got good news from the CPA that I'm done being punished by the Feds for earning a living so I may go sniff around the MV Agusta dealer again after I recover from my birthday drunkfest tomorrow night.
Re: State Farm...

I talked about that with my agent and we laughed over the fact that my 105hp 916cc Ducati is cheaper to insure than my 75hp 1450cc Harley.

He must make his money on my 4WD Toyota Tundra because it's fairly painful per month. The two bikes are cheaper than one truck.
Re: hillbilly business

I thought I was the metrosexual. At least I don't ride with a purse!
Re: waaay down to 60 LOL

You've told me what you weigh so I'm guessin' you're wearin' a little more than a fleece pull over! lol

I'm 190 lbs so I need something to keep these bones warm.
Re: hillbilly business

Thank god it didn't accidentally snap any photos of your "wardrobe malfunction."
Re: I don't wanna sound like a prima donna...

That sexy Frenchy cigarette jacket certainly makes the girls warm to your form.

I think I'm going to start hitting up Suzuki for a little spiff money.
Re: Couldn't agree more.

I think when he meant "junk" he was referring to value rather than reliability. Guzzi's are unique and will always make someone smile when they see it.

When we were riding the mountain roads I was going as fast as I felt comfortable and thought the same thing about current litre bikes. Had I been on an R1 there's no way I would have allowed myself to go any faster than I was riding the 599 on public streets.

Wasn't it Eddie Lawson who said it was too scary to ride a litre bike anywhere near it's limits on the street? Yet squids think they can!

They call us "Harley guys" poseurs.............
Re: Couldn't agree more.

That would be silver and black geezer glide to you!
Re: Couldn't agree more.

I was thinking about ripping your arms off and beating you with them but then I decided we could just go for a nice ride.
Re: Couldn't agree more.

Tomorrow is Good Friday so I'll be dodging lightening bolts in church.

I've not ridden any of the latest litre bikes so a track day test is probably not the best place to start. I hear 40 year old bones break more easily.
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