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Middleweight Standards Comparo

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Nice article. As the owner of my fourth Sportster-a 1200R, I must agree that overall it is a radical improvement from its '03 and earlier versions. It can still be easily smoked by most of the other "small" bikes in the test, but the grin factor when riding this bike thru curves is astounding.

The saddle continues to be an ergonomic pain-in-the-arse, the headlight equals a weak batteried flashlight and the stock Showa suspension combines nicely with the dummlopp "rim protecturrzz" to compromise handling. That said vast improvements are only(!!) hundreds of dollars away: Race Tech up front, good shocks in rear, Bridgestone BT45Vs, an aftermarket out curves! IMO, of the 65 or so bikes I've had the 1200R ranks up there with the best for being lotsa fun to ride. My BMW R1150GS will easily show her saddlebags to the 1200R, but the 1200R is the usual choice for riding. DFO
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Two questions about the Honda 599:

1. How well does the heat shield work? Any bike I get will have to accomodate my wife for short local trips (up to 200 mi.). I'd hate for her to be uncomfortable. I know she wouldn't get burned, but will she get warm?

2. I've heard that the upswept exhaust causes fumes to sometimes be inhaled by riders/ passengers, possibly causing some nausea, it that true?
Just bought a FZ6 in the nice blue color .yes I agree its alittle buzzy, with the Jeckle N Hide power delivery, but at 6'2" 200 lbs its the only one of the middle weights that fit me, Lots of High-teck for the money and with 91 hp on tap I'll put up with the other little annoyances and enjoy the cheap insurance rates to boot!!
You should still consider the FZ6, I used to ride liter bikes but Im having a blast on my yamahammer and it fits me Too! Have a great one! PS buzziness is subjective, I used to own a Connie
Check around, MCN says its better than the CB600 and if your anywhere this side of 6 foot its got alot more room, Im not sure you would like the ninja as much ( very nice bike too) but I think you would outgrow the power of the ninja quickly, Hope this helps! Type in FZ6 in your search engine, lots of great articles
New member here, joined because I wanted to read another review on the FZ6. I am glad I didn't put too much stock into this review as I bought an 05 last week. 300 miles later I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Buzzy? here and there, no big deal to me, almost feels like an electric motor at most rpms. Low end power? Plenty of low end for it's intended purpose, I can short shift mine harley style and be in 6th at 40 mph with no lugging on the motor, or wind her out if the need be. Comfy? As a couch. Any way, just a post to let everyone no the FZ6 is not a bad bike as someone may interpret after this review. I am sure the other bikes are good in their own element also.
Nice article however the Kawi Z750, Suziki GSF 500 were left out for your Middleweight Standards shootout. I can't wait for you guys to do a Standard Liter or Streetfighter shootout.
Great story. I have a 599 in Brazil. Love the bike. Have taken it os a 6,000 mile trip thru the Andes to Santiago and back. But one question: aside from an exhaust can and a jet kit, is there anything else to make it a little peppier?
Wow, how did I miss this one, when I was looking for a bike for my fiance' to ride? I wound up buying a Ninja 500 and we are both loving the little Ninja that can.

I was actually shocked that the 500 made 4th place. I feel it is well deserving of that, but coming from the same group that blasted the Conc(my other bike) I was suprised that something else I connect with was praised.

As I own a '86 FZX-700 Fazer, I had really wanted the FZ-6 to do better.
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