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Miguel Looking for #6.

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Larry Pegram takes the 200 on a draft pass at the line on the "outdated" 749/848 hybrid Ducati from Yamaha mounted Eric Bostrom.
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What section at the speedway is the best place to watch the race? Can you walk around?
Damn. I like Miguel, but I can't root against E-Boz.
Why, is he a gay, basketball playing engineer?
Aw, c'mon - E-Boz is a motorcycle racer. That kind of competiveness requires testosterone. And as we've all learned, gays have low testosterone.

Can't wait until we find out that blacks don't roadrace because their ankles are shaped wrong for shifting.
yahoo. that would be perfect.

i would prefer that he draft past disalvo for the win. but i hear its impossible to catch a draft from disalvo.

Montez (Jordan's buddy and two year pro) doesn't count as black. The shame of it all.
It's all the other things you can catch from him that make that impossible. Just kidding J.
Who cares about real racers? They aren't as qualified to discuss motorcycles as people with dead batteries. Clearly their opinions are worth less.
I hate to admit this, but the last road race I attended was when Miguel's dad Yvon won at the Ontario Big O. Now they call Miguel an "veteran". To put this in perspective, the last road race I raced in was at Torrey Pines (San Diego) in 1952 on my Harley Hummer 125 - I came in third. I had sold my BSA Gold Star. To me, both Miguel and his dad are just kids.
I read someplace that Yvonne developed and underbite some time after he signed with Kawasaki for a buttload of money. I know this sounds like the setup for a joke, but it turned out that he was spending an inordinate amount of time pushing his tongue against his lower lip while riding the thing, waiting for it to seize up. He earned every penny.
Go Miguel!

Some others might be able to run with Big Red, Yamaha wants it bad and Pegrams Ducati may turn out to have Big Motor but it's easy to see Miguel breaking the record this year.

It's a travisty that they don't run the Superbikes in the most important race in this Country. Sure worked out good for Honda though...

I mainly want a good and safe race. Best of luck to all.
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Ever since I saw (wasn't there... caught the non-live Speed version I think) Duhamel's Daytona 200 crash last year, I was utterly impressed by him and he has been my favorite ever since... I can't root against him...

I mean, the guy is a bad arse to have took that spill, holding on the bars till the crash ripped his hands off of them, and before he or his bike came to a halt, he was trying to run back to it. Righted it, and finished the race... I don't think sheer will and determination can get better than that...

Being new to the sport and to motorcycles, I was impressed beyond words... here's a link to it for kicks... I'm sure ya'll have seen it many times before... <a><a>
Miguel's a Pro no doubt, one of my longtime favorites. If not for the safety car FIASCO last year...
I am an EBoz fan.. DiSalvo has the "eye of the tiger" .

The infield is cool but my single favorite spot is high in the grandstands straight up from where the bikes enter the infield. There is a lot of action in this crash-prone area and it's the only spot where spectators have a decent view of almost everything. Bring binoculars.
And yes, walking around has always been fine. Hope it stays that way!
Well yeah, what experiance do they have? all they do is ride around a track and have someone else work on their bikes for them
MoFos in Daytona

It would be cool to meet some MoFo bros in Daytona. If you're planning to go to the race, drop me a note at [email protected]. I'll be at the track Saturday am!
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