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Re: Mini

If people would take responsibility for their own actions, you wouldn't have to sneak into a deserted parking lot at night to do this type of riding. Unfortunately, when someone does something stupid, they don't go "Well, that was stupid." they start looking around for someone to blame, and ultimately, someone to sue. It is this type of mentality that has made property owners paranoid about any unauthorized use of their property. There is actually a legal theory called "attractive nuisance" that a lot of morons have used to sue land owners because the moron trespassed on property (this is usually property with good roads, maybe a clay pit, old buildings, etc.) and was injured.

In Europe, on most of the ski slopes, you are not allowed to sue the owners for personal injury. If such a law was applied in the US, you'd find far more places in which to do off road riding. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to happen though; we'd first have to decide that we are actually responsible for our own actions, and that is down right unAmerican.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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