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Re: Mini

Streetlegal brings up a few good points, most notable of them is the overly litigious nature of most people nowadays. So it doesn't hurt reminging people that this parking lot is in a very secluded, yet open (does that make any sense?) industrial area comprised of mostly machine shop-types of companies whose residents and employees tend to disappear after dark.

Addressing another point, dirt coverage hasn't exactly been overwhelming, but we're trying to change that by hiring a very notable off-road editor who has years of motojournalism under his belt. He'd take the job on right now, though he's currently bombarded with other projects. Still, as soon as the fires are put out, he's comming on staff. He's also an ex-roadracer, so he'll help in the street coverage as well.

Further, you mention a track day. To that end, we're entertaining the thought of a MO-sponsored track day (like the Euro books have, though they call them "track frenzies" over the pond) in co-operation with somebody like Tom Sera's Fastrackriders.

Again, all good points above, and posts like this just help motivate us even more. So I thank you both personally and on behalf of MO, and we'll try to keep on givin' the people what they want.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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