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Mladin goes fast then crashes

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Ouch. I am no Mladin Fan, but I sure would like to see him in action on SUnday. Get well, or something.
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Why is there an asterix by Steve Rapp's time, and does anyone want to speculate why Gobert is sixth?
Forgot to put the footnote - he's the fastest of the guys out there riding a 750 Superstock machine against other Superbike machines.

That is truly impressive! Rapp and a 750SS machine beats Pascal Picotte and his 996R around the track. Wow.
I am dumb, so no flames please

This is my first year that I am following the races with some dedication (hey, I finally got a TiVo!) so someone help me out here.

I thought Superbikes were 750cc 4-cyls and 1000cc twins, and 900(?)cc triples. What's this 750 Superstock action in the race? Can someone help me out?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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