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Mladin is Fastest in Testing

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Re: Finally Mladin has fair chance against V-Twins

Those comments were from a guy, who very recently, won 3 years in a row on a 750 four. Didn't hear him complaining then. Sounds like if he doesn't have a distinct advantage, he doesn't like it.
The news is an extra here, not the main course. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's pretty simple, really. We are looking to upgrade news sources, and that is taking a bit of time. I really get tired of people whining about paying 11 bucks. Damn, the tests are more in-depth and complete than any internet or print rag, the news gets updated 3 or 4 times a day, videos, wallpapers, dyno charts, archives, and all the other stuff available, and all you have to say is the link is bad and that you paid 11 bucks. We also have an arena to give feedback, no matter how stupid, right here. Try that on your free site. Hosting everything available here costs money, and you pay for what you get. If I can direct you to a site to see some news, why is that skin off your ass?
Re: Thanks to LongRide

I'm still learning and giving my best shot. The MO staff has been really cool, letting me do this. I'm sure they want to ring my neck sometimes, but I am who I am. I figure people will complain no matter what. I will tend to answer them in my most relaxed manner. People don't realize this is an interactive site, not static. The site changes daily, and we can talk about what we read and see, and who cares where it comes from. Free sites and magazines don't offer that. Readers are encouraged to submit articles, questions, or any other stuff they find. those get posted all the time. Thanks for the compliment, but better is on the way.
My Role

My role here is still evolving, as is MO content. You are not the only one frustrated at certain aspects of the site. I was one of the biggest critics, and offered my assistance to MO as a way to improve the site. I realized they didn't have the staffing and time to get news articles up here on a timely basis. I put my time where my mouth was, and here I am. I also tend to go off like a firecracker on people, which isn't my most redeeming trait, but I am who I am. I am trying to improve the news area, and I am still defining my role as to what I can and cannot do, as I am not a staff member per se. I appreciate constructive criticism, and detest what I percieve to be whining without cause. I appreciate your replies and encourage you to post on lots of threads. That's what it's all about here.
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1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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