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Mladin's Streak Ended!

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Love the up to the minute coverage. Um, what happened to Crevier and McWilliams Buells yesterday dammit? Nice write-up of XB-RR over at
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Well, I guess that saves me from watching it tomorrow. Thanks a bunch.
Yeah, I was so excited to see if Spies could finish 13th or higher. Oooh, the anticipation.
Because racers never crash and their motorcycles never break. Ooooh.

Buells were 24th and 27th... both DNFs
Although I already knew, many forums have a rule that the word "Spoiler" appears in the title if it give results. You could also just refer to the AMA site.e.g. "To see Mid-Ohio results go Here. " type of thing.

And for you that are waiting for Tuesday - Race was on TV on Sunday. WSBK and World supersport will be shown Tuesday, too. WSBK is the best racing this side of MotoGP. AMA can't hold a candle to WSBK. Suzuki Wins , Yawn! FX and Superstock and supersport are all better racing.

Also don't you all have TIVO? You can avoid all of the inanne especially CrashCAR commercials on Speed? (I get to watch 1 hr of TV in about 39 minutes or less.)

Anyone have an opinion on Charity Hodges? (If you have to ask, too bad!)
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JB they have this thing called internet. Maybe you heard of it?
What's everyone complaining about? At least we don't have to listen to Mladin beating his chest about how fantastic it was that he beat those 19 year old kids, and 40 year old hanger-ons, while riding for the only mfg. that really gives a crap about AMA racing.
Wrong again why do I bother? kpaul Truth Squad.

Right Let's look at the facts. Mladin beat the following past champs

Ben Bostrom

Career Highlights:

2003 - 4th AMA Superbike Series.

2002 - 5th WSBK Championship.

2001 - 3rd WSBK Championship.

1999 - 2nd AMA Superbike.

1998 - AMA Superbike Champion.

1997 - 2nd AMA 750 Supersport.

1996 - 2nd AMA Supertwins.

1993 - AMA Dirt Track Rookie of the Year.

Miguel Duhamel

Career Highlights:

2005 - AMA Formula Xtreme Champion

2005 - 5th AMA Superbike Series.

2004 - AMA Formula Xtreme Champion

2004 - 2nd AMA Superbike Series.

2003 - 5th AMA Superbike Series.

2003 - 11th AMA Supersport.

2002 - 3rd AMA Superbike Series.

2001 - 3rd AMA 600 Supersport.

1999 - Winner Daytona 200.

1999 - Winner Daytona 600 SuperSport.

1997 - AMA 600 SuperSport Champion.

1997 - 2nd AMA Superbike Series.

1996 - AMA 600 SuperSport Champion.

1996 - 2nd AMA Superbike Series.

1996 - Winner Daytona 200.

1995 - AMA Superbike Champion.

1995 - AMA 600 SuperSport Champion.

1993 - AMA 600 SuperSport Champion.

1992 - FIM World Endurance Champion.

1991 - AMA 600 SuperSport Champion.

1991 - Winner Daytona 200.

1990 - AMA Superbike Rookie of the Year.

Tommy Hayden

Career Highlights:

2005 - AMA Supersport Champion

2004 - AMA Supersport Champion

2003 - 2nd AMA Superstock.

2003 - 3rd AMA Supersport.

2002 - 2nd AMA 600 Supersport.

2002 - 2nd AMA Superstock.

2001 - 4th AMA 600 Supersport.

2001 - 6th AMA Superbike.

2000 - 4th AMA 600 Supersport.

2000 - 6th AMA Superbike.

1999 - 2nd AMA 600 Supersport.

1997 - AMA Superbike Rookie of the Year.

Neil Hodgson.

Career Highlights:

2005 - 6th AMA Superbike

2004 - 17th MotoGP

2003 - World Superbike Champion.

2002 - 3rd Superbike World Championship

2001 - 5th Superbike World Championship

2000 British Superbike Champion

2000 - 12th Superbike World Championship (12th - two race wins)

1999 - 4th British Superbike Championship

1998 - 11th Superbike World Championship

1997 - 9th Superbike World Championship

1996 - 10th Superbike World Championship

1995 - 11th World 500cc Series.

1993 - 24th World 125cc Series.

1992 - British 125cc Champion

Jason Pridmore

Career Highlights:

2003 - 8th AMA Superbike Series.

2003 - 9th AMA Formula Xtreme Series.

2002 - AMA Formula Xtreme Champion

1999 - 6th AMA Superbike Series.

1997 - AMA 750 Supersport Champion.

1994 - 3rd - AMA 750 Supersport Series.

1992 - 2nd - AMA 750 Supersport Series.

Aaron Yates

Career Highlights:

2005 - AMA Superstock Champion

2005 - 4th AMA Superbike

2004 - 6th AMA Superbike

2003 - 2nd Superbike Series.

2002 - 5th AMA Superbike Series.

2002 - AMA Supersport Champion.

2000 - 3rd AMA Superbike Series.

1997 - 3rd AMA Superbike Series.

1996 - AMA 750 Supersport Champion.

Jake Zemke

Career Highlights:

2005 - 11th AMA Superbike

2005 - 2nd AMA Formula Xtreme

2004 - 3rd AMA Superbike

2004 - 2nd AMA Formula Xtreme

2003 - 3rd AMA Formula Xtreme

2003 - 5th AMA Supersport Series.

2002 - 2nd AMA Formula Xtreme .

2000 - 2nd AMA Formula Xtreme .

1999 - 2nd AMA 750 SuperSport Series.

1997 - 3rd AMA Harley-Davidson Supertwins.
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Who really cares about AMA racing. Seems like each manufacturer has staked their claim in a class, and that is the championship they win. Suzuki wins Superbike, so great, this year it was a different rider.

Seems to me you can just about guess who will win the championship before the season begins, because there are only a handful of guys who are going to win any given race. Perhaps they can just combine all of the classes into one great big cage match of a race. That would be interesting.
Re: Wrong again why do I bother? kpaul Truth Squad.

Right on kpaul! Mladin deserves some respect. That said, I'm glad to see someone new on the podium to give him some motivation for next season. *grin*
Can't argue that AMA racing seems uninspired. While there a plenty of excellent racers it seems the manufacturers control the game. I tend to watch more World Superbike and MotoGP because the races are generally less predictable and hence more exciting -- and they race in seriously bad weather, so it's always a crap shoot who'll make it to the podium.
"...seriously bad weather." That's why I watch. Next season I'm hoping they will race MotoGP on a 3-inch bed of fresh popcorn...extra butter...yay! danger AND distraction. THAT will make for some unpredictable races. I hear WSBK is gonna rent a zamboni to ice/groom the track between races. High-level racing should never be about the ability of the rider to extract the most from his machine; it should not be about his challenge to himself. It should be about who can hang on in the face of the most shadenfreude-like obsticles and unfortunate events.

I hate it when the best racer wins most races...sooo boring. I really hope the powers that be will see that danger and unpredictablility are what the viewers really want; they don't care about who has the most talent, skill, or mental discipline.

Wouldn't it be so much more fun to watch golf if guys in a helicopter were hovering about a hundred feet over Tiger's head, raining pre-dressed bits of salad down on him? Let's see him sink that 50-foot eagle putt now! I mean, we only watch hocky for the brawls and auto. racing for the pile-ups, right?

Viewers don't want to see the best man win (the arrogant bastard) they want to see the best man upset by fortune or foe (serves him right...deserved to be taken down a peg.)
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Thats so tired.

He wins, he gets bagged.

He doesnt win, he gets bagged.

Further to Kpaul - look back over his full history, and what he did in Australia (and who he beat there - inc Troy Corser and Troy Bayliss).

The guy is phenomenally talented and as hard as they come.

He's not exactly a spring chicken himself remember.

And he still beat everyone bar his teammate (who's how old ?????)

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Re: Wrong again why do I bother? kpaul Truth Squad.

"past champs"

I guess I was right after all!
"The guy is phenomenally talented and as hard as they come."

Then he should go race GP or WSB. He's a chickenshyt that will only race where he can win each and every week. If he was anywhere but AMA Little League, he'd have his ass handed to him each and every weekend. We all know his ego couldn't stand that. If he was a REAL champion like Rossi, he find new ways to challenge himself. Instead, he hangs around Little League on the only motorcycle capable of winning to become the all-time champ. What an accomplishment! He's an asshat.
'He'd have his ass handed to him each and every weekend'

I guess we'll never know, will we?

Based on his record, there's no reason to think he'd do any worse than any other rider who's ridden 'production' bikes almost all their career. e.g. Bayliss, Edwards, Hayden.

I dont think anybody measures up against Rossi, including Mladin. He (Rossi) is the outstanding rider of his generation.

How's Mladin's record against Nicky Hayden?

Lets not forget WSB world champion Hodgson and former Supersport world champion Andrew Pitt who are among those he's beaten head to head.

Not to mention Ant Gobert.

Oh, and he beat Marty Craggill - who pipped Bayliss to the Aussie title a few years ago.

You seem happy to belittle the guy because YOU say he has it easy.

You reckon he's on he only bike capable of winning? Come on now. Remember the GSXR750 ?? You can buy a Ten Kate CBR1000RR race preped - hardly a dog of a thing. It's only the Mladin developed GSXR's that are doing any good isn't it?

Aside from the 2005 WSB (with previous world champ Corser on board), and success in Australia - Suzuki havent won much that Mladin hasnt given them the last few years.

Little league?

280million population.

Wealthiest country in the world.

More people than anywhere with the $$$ and opportunity to race.

That's a big pond to be a big fish in.

It's not like the talent from that 280 million people skips the AMA and goes OS because it's crap.

Now, how many Americans in WSB????

How many in MotoGP??? Four?? Doing any good, really? One- on the choice factory bike and after several years trying.

That's hardly a herd of Talent from the USA...

Maybe there's more to it than just talent required to succeed in SBK or MooGP?

I repeat, he's beaten Corser and Bayliss to the Aussie title. No mean feat.

Bottom line -- he has a long history of being competitive against SOME of he best riders in the world in recent times.

I'm not saying he's the greatest - but how about giving the guy some respect for his achievements?

So longride, answer me this:

What should he do? Slow down?

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Excellent Post..
Break or crash *is* always a possibility, but... let's see, a Superbike-class factory Suzuki & ridden by a pro who needs to finish 13th or better???

What suspense!

Hell, if you'd offered me one to five, I'd have bet everything I could scrape up on a Spies championship, AND slept through the race...

Actually that would be interesting, to me---a Le Mans style endurance race, all classes...100+ entries? I'd watch that for the certain fatalities, LOL.

Does anyone even go to these AMA road races, besides Daytona and Laguna? The stands always looked so empty when I used to watch races on TV.
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