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Thats so tired.

He wins, he gets bagged.

He doesnt win, he gets bagged.

Further to Kpaul - look back over his full history, and what he did in Australia (and who he beat there - inc Troy Corser and Troy Bayliss).

The guy is phenomenally talented and as hard as they come.

He's not exactly a spring chicken himself remember.

And he still beat everyone bar his teammate (who's how old ?????)


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'He'd have his ass handed to him each and every weekend'

I guess we'll never know, will we?

Based on his record, there's no reason to think he'd do any worse than any other rider who's ridden 'production' bikes almost all their career. e.g. Bayliss, Edwards, Hayden.

I dont think anybody measures up against Rossi, including Mladin. He (Rossi) is the outstanding rider of his generation.

How's Mladin's record against Nicky Hayden?

Lets not forget WSB world champion Hodgson and former Supersport world champion Andrew Pitt who are among those he's beaten head to head.

Not to mention Ant Gobert.

Oh, and he beat Marty Craggill - who pipped Bayliss to the Aussie title a few years ago.

You seem happy to belittle the guy because YOU say he has it easy.

You reckon he's on he only bike capable of winning? Come on now. Remember the GSXR750 ?? You can buy a Ten Kate CBR1000RR race preped - hardly a dog of a thing. It's only the Mladin developed GSXR's that are doing any good isn't it?

Aside from the 2005 WSB (with previous world champ Corser on board), and success in Australia - Suzuki havent won much that Mladin hasnt given them the last few years.

Little league?

280million population.

Wealthiest country in the world.

More people than anywhere with the $$$ and opportunity to race.

That's a big pond to be a big fish in.

It's not like the talent from that 280 million people skips the AMA and goes OS because it's crap.

Now, how many Americans in WSB????

How many in MotoGP??? Four?? Doing any good, really? One- on the choice factory bike and after several years trying.

That's hardly a herd of Talent from the USA...

Maybe there's more to it than just talent required to succeed in SBK or MooGP?

I repeat, he's beaten Corser and Bayliss to the Aussie title. No mean feat.

Bottom line -- he has a long history of being competitive against SOME of he best riders in the world in recent times.

I'm not saying he's the greatest - but how about giving the guy some respect for his achievements?

So longride, answer me this:

What should he do? Slow down?

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