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"...seriously bad weather." That's why I watch. Next season I'm hoping they will race MotoGP on a 3-inch bed of fresh popcorn...extra butter...yay! danger AND distraction. THAT will make for some unpredictable races. I hear WSBK is gonna rent a zamboni to ice/groom the track between races. High-level racing should never be about the ability of the rider to extract the most from his machine; it should not be about his challenge to himself. It should be about who can hang on in the face of the most shadenfreude-like obsticles and unfortunate events.

I hate it when the best racer wins most races...sooo boring. I really hope the powers that be will see that danger and unpredictablility are what the viewers really want; they don't care about who has the most talent, skill, or mental discipline.

Wouldn't it be so much more fun to watch golf if guys in a helicopter were hovering about a hundred feet over Tiger's head, raining pre-dressed bits of salad down on him? Let's see him sink that 50-foot eagle putt now! I mean, we only watch hocky for the brawls and auto. racing for the pile-ups, right?

Viewers don't want to see the best man win (the arrogant bastard) they want to see the best man upset by fortune or foe (serves him right...deserved to be taken down a peg.)
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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