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Although I already knew, many forums have a rule that the word "Spoiler" appears in the title if it give results. You could also just refer to the AMA site.e.g. "To see Mid-Ohio results go Here. " type of thing.

And for you that are waiting for Tuesday - Race was on TV on Sunday. WSBK and World supersport will be shown Tuesday, too. WSBK is the best racing this side of MotoGP. AMA can't hold a candle to WSBK. Suzuki Wins , Yawn! FX and Superstock and supersport are all better racing.

Also don't you all have TIVO? You can avoid all of the inanne especially CrashCAR commercials on Speed? (I get to watch 1 hr of TV in about 39 minutes or less.)

Anyone have an opinion on Charity Hodges? (If you have to ask, too bad!)
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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