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Both of your responses are excellent and thoughtful. I work in an Emergency Room and see the results of humans loosing concentration on what they are doing everyday. Whether it be at work, at play or in a vehicle - Human Beings make mistakes. This is not an excuse just a fact that we all need to remember when we get in our cars or on our bikes. When most humans make a mistake that involves an injury or a death of another they will beat themselves up much more than any "punishment" handed out by the judicial system. If they are Drunk Drivers it is another story, they should go directly to jail 1st offense if they hurt someone, this they chose to do it's not a mistake, or a disease. Can you tell I have no love for drunks? As a Nurse, and, a victim, I have seen to much devastation done by these butt holes to have any sympathy for them, they belong behind bars to protect society.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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