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Two questions

1) Are you saying that if we want to access the site from a PC at home, as well as at work, that we have to make sure we logoff from our machine at work, otherwise we won't be able to log in from home? (Or we'll set off the the stolen password alarm.) Is this something that can be triggered automatically. I don't actually go through the login, probably because I have the cookie, so how am I supposed to remember to log out?

2) Regarding the moderation of messages, I think this is a good idea. But I have to say, if I'm registered, donated, paid, subscribed (whatever), and I suddenly can't post because some group of moderators may not have agreed with my comments, I'll be pretty upset. Of course, maybe with a smaller audience, I won't be flaming some of the less friendly/knowledgable users.

PS I've never accessed the site as a registered user from my home PC because I couldn't remember my password. I'll be trying that today (without logging off from work) to see what it does.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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